An Overview

Infants, up to one year, are provided activities that are appropriate for their development. The curriculum for this age is children’s literature based. Activities are developed in coordination with a preselected book appropriate for infants. Each day a pre-planned activity is introduced to your child.

All classrooms beyond our infants will engage in the Read It Once Again curriculum. Read It Once Again is a comprehensive early childhood educational program that uses familiar children’s literature to provide a solid foundation of the basic skills necessary for children to be successful in kindergarten.  It includes activities that provide explicit instruction on the most basic foundational skills in the common domains of speech/language, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, daily living, and socialization skills.

 6 Weeks – 12 Months

Every moment with a baby is precious and we take advantage of that. 6 weeks to 12 months are our youngest and most delicate age group, here we focus on the “firsts” of everything and to keep challenging them so they grow healthy and continue learning. We strive to provide unconditional love and comfort for these young ones, while helping and watching them grow and develop! We rock, talk, and play with your developing infant in an environment designed to make them feel safe, secure and happy.

 1 Year – 2 Years

In this age group we encourage the children to explore. Activities are child initiated. Learning to run, talk, sing, dance and so much more are in our everyday lesson plans! At this young age, we focus on helping them become independent, grow their vocabulary, mobility, learning, and love! Our caregivers act as facilitators for the children as they give support and guidance. The activities offered for this age group are for manipulation and exploration. A stimulating environment is created to nurture curiosity and motivate each child.

 2 Years – 3 Years

Two year old children love to play and explore, which provides the basis for age-appropriate learning activities. Our teachers listen to and converse with each child and anticipate their individual needs as they progress. This age group is our fastest growing, that is for sure! They love to eat, eat, and eat! They focus more on structure, potty training, learning colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and how to play and socialize with friends! We understand that teamwork is the key to success.

 3 Years – 4 Years

Three year olds are inquisitive all the time. They begin to have more focused play that lasts longer and is more consistently cooperative. They are recognizing that words are symbols that are different and have meaning. They are able to tell you in complete sentences what they like and what they want. They love living life to the fullest! They are so eager to learn and be challenged! In this room we really focus on getting them ready for the pre-school room and strive to tackle lesson plans, group time, writing, math and much more!

 4 Years – 5 Years

4-5 year olds are definitely the rulers of the Center!:) They are preparing for Kindergarten and go in depth in curriculum, follow a strict (but also lenient) daily schedule, learn to write their name, numbers, and really focus on how to get along with friends and peers. Relationships are very important at this age and how children interact with each other. We work a lot on what “right” and “wrong” situations and choices are and what our consequences may be. We feel good ethics stem from these young age groups and we strive to teach basic life lessons to prepare them for the real “school” world!

 5 Years

This age group is dedicated to developing creative, self-confident children who are transitioning into Kindegarten. The program that has been created is one which provides your child with the opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Our program is designed to be an exciting readiness experience in which students have hands-on experiences to promote conceptual understanding, while learning to get along with others and thrive in a school environment.

 School Age

2 For U understands that your family’s need for safe, supervised care extends into your child’s elementary school years. We provide an interesting, educational and fun recreation program, supervised by qualified adults. Students enjoy a balance of planned activities (arts and crafts, games, group projects) and time to unwind (indoor/outdoor play, reading, drawing). When your school ager attends for a full day, field trips and special events add to the fun.

They also have probably one of the nicest and cleanest facilities in Des Moines.

Teachers do a wonderful job and our children have learned so much!

Love the staff, easy to work with, very lovely people.