2 For U Childcare: Where every day is a good day!

We understand that choosing the right child care solution for your family can be a difficult task. Here at 2 For U Childcare we are confident that we have an advantage over your other child care options. To see first hand the clear superiority of 2 For U Childcare, we encourage you to schedule a tour at any time. You will see that we are providing your child an experience like no other. Our centers are bright, sanitary and designed to prepare your child socially and emotionally for their next educational steps.

More than a babysitter…

Childcare is more than just watching your child while you can’t. It’s about education, experience, and personal interaction. We don’t just babysit. We love, educate, and play with your child. Teaching them all the life lessons you would if you were here. Babies need special attention – and we give it to them. We also document and report all events from your little ones day!

  • 6 Weeks - 12 Months
  • 1 Year - 2 Years
  • 2 Years - 3 Years
  • 3 Years - 4 Years
  • 4 Years - 5 Years
  • 5 Years +


“We could not be happier with our experience with 2 for U. Initially we were nervous about transitioning from an in-home setting to a center but wish we would have done it sooner! The attention and love our girls receive is amazing. They are learning, making friends, and having a great time! My husband and I are grateful knowing both of our girls are safe and well cared for while we are at work. I couldn’t recommend 2 for U more!”

Aubrey A., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“We absolutely LOVE 2 For U daycare. Our first child started at the daycare in January of 2016 and we added a second child to the daycare in January of 2017. We will be adding a 3rd child to the center in the beginning of 2019 and we couldn’t ask for a better daycare for our kids. Each and every person employed at 2 For U,  care for and treat our children like their own! It is amazing the love, kindness, support and patience they have for all of the children. We also love how they have a preschool program for our oldest daughter who is 4 and will be attending public Kindergarten next year. It is a great program that gets them ready to start at the “big kid school.” The learning environment at 2 For U daycare is phenomenal. They have a good balance between play and learning and not just in the preschool room. It is in every room at the center. The level of comprehension of just day to day stuff and learning every day basics is way beyond some other children I know who are the same ages as our children. I highly recommend this daycare to everyone I speak to. We absolutely LOVE it at 2 For U Daycare!!”

Kaly F., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“It was hard for me to find a place I could trust taking care of my first baby and I’m so glad we chose 2 For U. I cannot say enough good things about them! Everyone there truly cares about my daughter and treats her like they are family. It’s so comforting to drop her off knowing she’s in good hands. I couldn’t ask for better people taking care of my child! They do so many fun and creative activities every day. My daughter loves going there and it amazes me how much she has learned in the 2 years she’s been there. The seesaw app is great to get daily updates and pictures throughout the day. We are so happy with the staff and care our daughter has received while at 2 For U!”

Katie B., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“When we first came to 2 for U we were coming with an almost 3 year old and an 8 month old from an in home daycare.  We wanted to find a daycare that was clean, loving, and had an educational curriculum that would allow our kids to make the transition into kindergarten seamless.  While we found all those things at the Ankeny 2 for U location, we found so much more.  With each room transition, we found more and more that we loved.  Between all the teachers (full and part time), the cleanliness of the facility, and the open communication (i.e Seesaw) we have been blessed.  There are so many things that I have been pleasantly surprised about that I can’t say enough about all that 2 for U offers.  Their early eye screening allowed us to know that my youngest will need glasses.  My daughter found her love of dance with the small dance group that was offered.  And meeting one on one with the teachers in conferences has allowed us to know where our children are shining and where they need help.  My oldest has now entered into Kindergarten and because of the educational, emotional, and behavioral aspects that 2 for U provided and prepared her for, she is excelling.  Plus I think it says something that when I pick her up at school she wants to go pick up her little brother so she can see her old teachers.  I can’t say enough for the 2 for U facility, teachers and staff that have made our young family thrive.”

Thank you for all that you do-it does not go unnoticed.

Amber L., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“We started at 2 for U in July, and our experience, a first for us in a traditional daycare setting, has been really wonderful. Our daughter, who was 12 weeks old when she started, has taken to daycare wonderfully. She loves being surrounded by all of the other children and I can see how much she is learning from watching the little ones in her room who are older than her. I am especially happy with all of the activities that they do with the children and the love and care they receive from the teachers.  We also enjoy receiving photos throughout the day, as well as twice daily updates on her schedule. The lines of communication are always open and we appreciate the ability to drop in anytime, as well as know that our suggestions or instructions are listened to. It is also impressive to me to see staff greeting each parent and/or child when they arrive in the morning or leave for the day; a nice touch of customer service that is always appreciated!”

Kym D. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“We love 2 For U! Everyone here has made us feel so comfortable and so welcome from the very first day our son started daycare. We love getting photos from the Seesaw app throughout the day and we know he’s safe because of the personal security codes and fingerprint checkouts that we have to use daily. Every time we walk through the door, the staff know us and our child by our first names and we love how personal that is! We recommend 2 For U to all our friends and family with little ones!!”

Bree D. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“We have been at 2 For U Childcare for a little over 2 years and I would recommend them to everyone I know! 2 For U was the only childcare facility I toured. I knew right after our initial visit this was the facility I wanted my family to attend. We have been nothing but HAPPY with the environment, teachers, and education that comes with attending 2 For U. I can not say enough good things about 2 For U. It’s seriously a sigh of relief to know your children are in great hands everyday when you drop them off and they love their teachers. I am so thankful that we found 2 For U Childcare for our family to grow with!”

Michelle T. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“My mom stayed at home with us growing up so, needless to say, I was BEYOND nervous about sending my tiny little baby to daycare! I am usually not an emotional person but just thinking about sending him to daycare made me a complete wreck. When the time came, we went to 2 for U to meet Kip’s teachers the week before he was scheduled to start. I asked SO many questions and got the opportunity to actually see what the day-to-day environment was like (instead of the craziness that I had thought up in my head) and left feeling so much better! The first day was still emotional but seeing how much the teachers care about my little guy made things much easier. After the first week, I knew we had made the right decision! The updates and pictures I receive throughout the day show me how much fun he is having and how much he is learning! I can’t get over how creative and adorable all the baby activities are (so much more than I would ever think up at home)! 2 for U is a family environment, everyone knows you and your kiddo by name and they are genuinely interested in your family’s wellbeing. We have been so happy with our experience at 2 for U!”

Torrie K., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“2 for U has been the perfect fit for my son! The level of care and love that he receives puts my mind at ease while I’m at work. We enjoy the frequent pictures that are posted throughout the day, as well as the creative and engaging activities he does. The teachers and staff know my son and I feel like they are an extended family for him. From the well-rounded meals and snacks, to the adorable artwork he brings home, we appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that all of the staff puts in to caring for him. Even though this is my first experience with a daycare center I am confident it is the right one for us!”

Sarah C. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“Our family searched for a daycare facility for months. We wanted the convenience of a daycare center with the feel and warmth of an in-home daycare – which is exactly what we found in 2 for U. The staff always greet me by name (not simply “mom”), they have accommodated any special request we have made without faltering, and we feel we have a relationship with the staff rather than a business agreement. As someone who works in the field of education, I am impressed with the level of instruction that 2 for U provides. Our 2yo is participating in science experiments and forming a hypothesis, while also engaging in yoga and dance parties. Our 4yo is already an emerging reader who, as a result of increased peer interaction, is socially coming out of his shell. As someone who also studies research in regards to educational practices (and knowing that the foundation of education is built upon relationships), it is important that the staff at 2 for U has taken the time to connect with each of our boys. Even the staff outside of their assigned rooms reach out to them, for example, the teacher in the 2-year-old room always asks my 4yo about his day and they go over his artwork together. When we start the day, it is uplifting to hear how excited the staff is to welcome our children and when we leave at the end of the day, it is heartwarming to hear all of the employees say goodbye to our boys by name, hug them, celebrate in their successes, and truly miss them when they are gone for a day.”

April W. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“We knew 2 for U was the place for us from the moment we took our tour. We felt so comfortable with the environment and the staff. Our experience has only improved over the years due to the care and attention our littles receive. We love the updates throughout the day. It’s clear the staff cares so much for our kids, which is such a great feeling as parents!”

Andrea S. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“When our kids are at 2 For U, I know they’re having a blast and learning a ton. From the incredible activities perfect for every age (the teachers are AMAZING at selecting engaging lesson plans) to the pristine facility (this is the only daycare I’ve visited that actually smells good), I have peace of mind every day they’re at 2 For U. The teachers use an app to keep parents updated on the daily activities and I feel like I know what my kids are doing throughout the day. The teachers and management are quick to address questions and concerns, and truly live out their values to make every day a good day.”

Rachel H. , 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

One of hardest decisions I have made as a parent has been finding a daycare that is the right fit for my two children.

There is a strong focus on academics center wide, which is what drew me to 2 for U.  Each day, my children participate in activities that challenge their learning and work on their motor skills. My children’s social, emotional and academic needs are closely monitored by their teachers. When I talked with my son’s teachers about some hearing and speech concerns, they have made it a focus every day to work with him on these areas.  This is going above and beyond!

The staff at 2 for U is caring and very personable!  I know my children are in good hands each and every day.  The management team answers any questions that I have and keeps open communication.

Choosing 2 for U as my children’s daycare, has been one of the best decisions that I have made as a parent!

Allison B., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus

“When searching for the best daycare for my daughter, I met with and walked through several daycares in Ankeny.  In my opinion, 2 for U is hands down the best daycare out there!  Nothing else came close in comparison based on the high standards they have for their staff, the cleanliness, safety, creative learning environment, and the open communication.  I really enjoy the extra benefit of SeeSaw which allows me to get pictures and communication throughout each day.  My daughter has been at 2 for U for almost 2 years and each day I know that we made the right decision to put her in this facility.  I feel comfortable leaving her there knowing that she is in good hands, will be kept safe, well cared for, will have fun with her friends and caregivers, and will learn something new each day.  The creativity in the activities they do always surprises me and I love knowing that my daughter has so much fun and learns so much every single day!  There is nowhere else I would want my child to be!  Thank you 2 for U and all of your staff for giving my daughter the best care out there!”

Amy B., 2 For U - Ankeny Campus
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