2 For U Childcare: Where every day is a good day!

We understand that choosing the right child care solution for your family can be a difficult task. Here at 2 For U Childcare we are confident that we have an advantage over your other child care options. To see first hand the clear superiority of 2 For U Childcare, we encourage you to schedule a tour at any time. You will see that we are providing your child an experience like no other. Our centers are bright, sanitary and designed to prepare your child socially and emotionally for their next educational steps.

More than a babysitter…

Childcare is more than just watching your child while you can’t. It’s about education, experience, and personal interaction. We don’t just babysit. We love, educate, and play with your child. Teaching them all the life lessons you would if you were here. Babies need special attention – and we give it to them. We also document and report all events from your little ones day!

  • 6 Weeks - 12 Months
  • 1 Year - 2 Years
  • 2 Years - 3 Years
  • 3 Years - 4 Years
  • 4 Years - 5 Years
  • 5 Years +


It’s not an easy decision to send a baby to daycare, but we’ve had true peace of mind knowing our kids are in good hands with each classroom change. We appreciate the structured curriculum balanced with fun/free play as the kids move up rooms. And we have confidence our babies are well cared for in the early stages. We are so grateful for 2 for U.

Baumert, Ankeny Campus 2022

We picked 2 for U for the staff and warm welcome we had on the tour. I feel so safe knowing my child is in good hands. The pictures and updates throughout the day helped as a first-time mom. Now they are great uplifting moments each day. I know my son is learning so much and growing in his skills I appreciate that it feels like a family there.

Storbeck, Ankeny Campus 2022

Both of my daughters began attending 2 for U-Ankeny immediately after my maternity leave was over, and they have not stopped smiling since. 2 for U- Ankeny not only fosters a love for learning, creativity, and exploration, but also has become their home away from home. We have never had a day where the girls weren’t excited to go to school. They feel very secure at 2 For U and that makes me feel confident as a parent, knowing the teachers love my children just as much as I do. There is no other place I’d rather send them, and no other place they’d rather go. I will forever be thankful for the teachers and staff at 2 for U for making the learning years such a joy, and giving my girls core memories they will never forget!

Bjerke, Ankeny Campus 2022

You know that place where everyone knows your name, you are always welcome and feel like family? That is what 2 For U is for us. Our family made the switch to 2 For U shortly after our triplets were born. With a family of 4 kids 2 and under we wanted childcare where we felt confident the teachers would nurture, provide a safe environment, and push them to thrive socially and educationally. The teachers use a wide variety of activities to help develop our kids starting early in the infant room all the way up through preschool, we are sent pictures and updates all day of the fun they have, the friendships they have made and can visibly see the progressions. We found an extension of our home away from home for our kids. When you pull into the parking lot you get a sense of that, kids playing cheerfully on the playground, the ladies behind the front desk welcome your kids through the doors by their names and open arms. Every single person at 2 For U makes the choice easy for parents to want their kids at 2 For U. It takes a village to raise children and we are so blessed to have our kids be part of the best village in Ankeny!

Briggs, Ankeny Campus 2022

We have loved the care and learning at 2 for U that our 3 year old has gained at the center. From learning to hold his own bottle and sign language before he could talk to the everyday changes he is making at 3 with new words, sentences and understanding is phenomenal. I know I could not keep him this challenged or learning all these things on my own at home. We are also great full for the help and understanding we have received from all the staff as we add a new little one to our family who has heart issues and required me to be away from our 3 year old for a brief amount of time. He has been able to maintain a good amount of his routine through day care which has been beneficial. We look forward to his little brother joining him at the center in the new year.

Kolbe, Ankeny Campus 2022

There are not enough wonderful things to say about 2 For U. My son has been with them since he was 1 (now 4). Every single staff member/teacher treats him like one of their own. In the prek room, he is learning so much and comes home excited to show us and talk about what he learned that day. We know he is safe and in the best hands when we drop him off in the morning. 2 For U truly cares about the well-being of each child in the center.

Hagins , Ankeny Campus 2022

We relocated from out of state to Ankeny and my husband toured almost every daycare in Ankeny to find care for our then 3 year old son. He knew instantly that 2 for U was the best fit for our family from the moment he walked in the door! The administrative team was incredibly welcoming and showed genuine interest in getting to know more about our son and addressing all of our questions. They welcomed us to bring our son for a visit to Ms. Jordan’s room and invited him to participate in the snack and activity. The teachers were so incredible from the first day! After having our daughter during the COVID shutdown, the staff exceeded our expectations with keeping our kids safe and helping them grow through all the daily challenges. Both of our kids love going to 2 for U and we couldn’t be happier with their care, academically motivated curriculum and daily communication. My son is now in 2nd grade and thriving academically and socially thanks to the wonderful teachers at 2 for U!

Hartnett, Ankeny Campus 2022

Parents who send their kids to 2forU get exceptional treatment, care, and education for their children. Every teacher there treats your child as if they are their own. Every staff member knows your child’s name. The moment your kids walk in they literally run into the arms of the directors who greet everyone during morning pick-ups. They treat all concerns parents with prompt responses and truly provide top notch care. We’ve had to unfortunately be at other daycares for a short period of time, so this is not the kind of treatment you get everywhere. I love 2forU and so do my children. I love watching them grow into their own little people with the community and family that is 2forU.

Wirth, Ankeny Campus 2022

The 2 for U daycare center has been the perfect fit for our family. We initially found this daycare through high ratings within the Department of Human services and the fact that it was close to my husband’s employment. Despite the fact that my husband started with a new employer (3 years ago!) and no longer works near 2 for U, here we are years later still making the drive from Bondurant to Ankeny to ensure our girls have the best of the best. 2 for U somehow manages to hire the most incredible and caring teachers. The leaps and bounds our girls have made socially and academically while in the care there has been so fun to see. The providers really know each child there. Every morning we are greeted with upbeat smiles and personal check-ins. We love our 2 for U family!

Benda, Ankeny Campus 2022

We’ve been at 2 For U for two years, and our daughter absolutely loves it. It’s been a great place for our family. She’s excited to go to school every day – because she loves her teachers, friends, and all the activities she gets to do. Every teacher and staff member are so great and genuinely care about our girl so much. Everything they plan fills the day with fun, and is such a great mix of age appropriate academics, play, and exploration. We always get compliments on Vivian’s vocabulary and maturity, and I know that’s because of how she’s challenged to grow at school. Thank you 2 For U for always taking care of our daughter so well, and loving her like your own.

Jelsma, Ankeny Campus 2022

We’ve been at 2 for U-Ankeny since our oldest daughter was 2.5 years old. She’s now almost 5 and we have a 15 month old daughter that also attends. We couldn’t imagine taking our girls anywhere else for childcare. I know everyday when we drop off that they are going to a place not only where they are going to learn, but where they are loved. 2 for U is like a small family and all of the staff make sure each individual child feels special and loved and every family feels heard and involved.

Long, Ankeny Campus 2022

I don’t think it is any secret that finding childcare for your children is one of the most stressful things when becoming a parent or adding to your family. You are not only looking for a place that will help teach and educate your children but one that offers a warm surrounding, clean environment, and a family atmosphere. At the end of the day, you want your child to be loved, encouraged and a place to feel safe. 2ForU encompasses all of this and more. In all honesty, it is hard for me to pick a single instance of a time our family has felt supported or understood because it happens so frequently. My kiddos love to go to “school” every day. When you walk through the halls all the teachers know your children by name. It is truly your child’s home away from home. What more could you ask for?

Hughes , Ankeny Campus 2022

We are SO thankful for 2 for U childcare. My daughter has been through a lot of changes in the past two years but the one consistent thing has been the staff and family feel of 2 for U. Last year we moved 25 minutes away and chose to keep her enrolled, making the drive to and from twice daily, in order for her to be in the best environment. There is never a day she isn’t met with a friendly face at the door and leaves with a friendly goodbye because the front desk staff are amazing. She’s been in three different classrooms and every single one I’ve had nothing but positive things to say. One of my favorite things about this center is that there isn’t a teacher there that doesn’t take the time to know my child, even if they’ve never had her in class. We walk through the halls or at events and every one knows her name and stops to say hello or goodbye. I can’t imagine my daughters most influential years spent anywhere else.

Krueger, Ankeny Campus 2022

The facility is very clean, modern, and continuously updates all the equipment. It is secure with cameras and keypad’s to enter. The seesaw app let’s me talk to teachers and real time about anything going on with my kids. My kids absolutely love the staff they know them all by name. My children who have entered the Ankeny school system’s kindergarten program have been ahead of the curve due to the 2 for U curriculum. At parent teacher conferences I’ve had to ask their kindergarten teachers to give them more challenging work. I have had my children in this program since 2015 and we will be there for a total of 11 years after my last 2 enter the Ankeny school system and I would not go anywhere else. The staff is warm, caring, considerate, and accommodating to all personality types.

Randolph, Ankeny Campus 2022

2 For U Daycare has helped build and foster a relationship my son can learn and grow from in a safe, fun environment daily. I highly recommend 2 For U to anyone looking for caring and talented group of staff and teachers who love what they do each day.

Pendleton, Ankeny Campus 2022

Being first time parents, we were very nervous about sending our daughter to a childcare center. 2 for U has gone above and beyond our expectations. Not only do they provide a safe environment for learning, but the staff is incredible. The love and care they show our daughter is what any parent would want for their child. I highly recommend 2 for U Childcare.

Sniezek, Ankeny Campus 2022

2 For U has been such a blessing for our family, the care they provide for both of our children has above and beyond exceeded our expectations for a daycare provider. They have taught our toddler so many things over the years – helping him crawl and walk, sign language before he talked, learning his ABC’s & 123’s, amazing help getting him potty trained, teaching him good behavior with friends, and now he’s learning to trace letters & numbers and spell his name. The infant rooms have the best teachers who really care for these babies as if they are their own. They do fun sensory activities and artwork that keep the babies busy and on great schedules. Throughout the day, each room updates you on everything they are working on and doing, so you always know what their day has involved. All of the teachers that I have met are very friendly and truly love what they do and care so much for these kids. The curriculum in each classroom is perfect for the age groups, and keeps them excited for what new things each day brings. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for childcare for their littles! You won’t be disappointed!

Stoos, Ankeny Campus 2022

Our family is so appreciative to have our children attend 2 For U. Between all three of our girls, they have been in almost all the classrooms and it is obvious that the teachers care and are great at their jobs. Not only is the curriculum at all levels wonderful, but the relationships developed with teachers, staff, and other families provide an extra level of comfort. Our experience at 2 For U has been amazing!

Swain, Ankeny Campus 2022