Ankeny & West Nutrition Center

All meals will be nutritious and follow the Child and Adult Care Food Program Guidelines (CACFP). Children under the age of 2 years are served whole milk, unless notified differently from parent or doctor. Everyone else is served 1% or Skim milk. Any special medical, allergy or religious dietary needs must be specified in writing. Please do not allow your child to bring drinks, breakfast or lunch from home to eat here unless you provide enough for his/her entire class (or if given permission by director, form MUST be filled out for us to serve anything from outside the center). You are welcome to send treats for snack to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. We ask they be prepared and not homemade (unless given permission by director). We are a NUT-FREE center and will not tolerate anything containing peanuts, tree nuts, etc. to be brought into the center at any time. If bringing treats or snacks in, PLEASE read the label and make sure it is safe to bring. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk with the director.

Parents of infants and toddlers will need to provide prepared bottles of formula/breast milk, whole milk OR enough clean bottles AND formula or regular milk to allow one for each feeding. All special foods (baby or junior food, cereal, etc.) must also be provided until your child is able to eat all foods as we prepare them. If the doctor has prescribed a special formula due to feeding problems, a written note from the doctor must be provided for the child’s file. We will send all bottles home daily for parents to clean and return prepared the next day to eliminate germs, prevent confusion and increase organization.