Our 3 and 4 year old pre-school programs are a great balance of education and play! These classrooms have daily curriculum time and center time (which is structed play based centers that still incorporate learning). In this program, there are 20 foundational skills that the children will work towards, a few of them including Identify numbers, Sequence stories and experiences, Understand positional words, follow 3 step directions, and much more! Once those 20 pre-reading foundational skills are mastered (Super 20), your child can advance to Level 2, the 20 Foundational Speech and Language skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness!


Our Pre-k program is a more intense extension of our pre-school program and prepares children to move on to school! This age focuses on Level 2 of Read It Once Again and the 20 Foundational Speech and Language Skills. Some of these skills including Identification and Matching upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, Identify familiar sight words, Knowledge of concepts of print and book awareness, Trace and Print letters, count to 100, and much more! All of these 20 skills are important for children to achieve before they go to kindergarten. Our main goal is to make sure each child is ready to move to the next big phase of their life and on to school!


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Love the staff, easy to work with, very lovely people.

They also have probably one of the nicest and cleanest facilities in Des Moines.

Teachers do a wonderful job and our children have learned so much!